Saturday, March 24, 2012

a special day to say 'i love u"

a month plus backdated post: sorry!!!!

yay!!! another reason to celebrate!! weee~!! its VALENTINE'S DAY!! big hugs to all.....hehehhe...this year we din celebrate it on the day itself cause it was on a weekday and we are working!!! we celebrated it the weekend after that..

this are our gifts..
a new handbag..thanks dear!
our new annual couple tee..hehe
spa for both of us!!!

this is for him..
sorry that i got it late..he is very picky!! haha..

here's the pictures of the actual day..we ate, watched movie and ate!! hahahaha.....

tea time at 'delicious'

oreo milkshake and red velvet cupcake
my sweet cravings!!

we watched ghost rider..then it was time for to Pastis at Gardens...

sorry..too late for picture..
ate it already!! =P

picture first of my appetizer
prawn salad!

his main course

my main course

i just love salmon!! yums!

his dessert =)

my dessert =)
it was too sweet!!!
but its ok for a sweet day =)

looking forward to many many more......

-thanks faithful listener-

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