Monday, March 26, 2012

Blessed birthday, mummy!!!

my mummy is a year older!!! but many years more cheerful!! my mum is the best mum on earth...she might be strict at times and very naggy sometimes..but all that she says has her reason behind it which i have learnt to realize those words made a lot of sense.. =) thanks mummy!!!

my mummy has also been a great travelling partner to me..we have been to many many places together..thanks mummy for showing me the world!! =)

this is me n my mummy in Japan

us in Australia

like mother and daughter in Gold Coast

a mum and a friend in Hong Kong

last month, i went back to penang to celebrate with my mummy..and we took her to Rasa Sayang...she loves the fresh salmon there.. (now u know why i LOVE fresh salmon) hahaha...


hope u love your DIOR lipsticks....


-thanks faithful listener-

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