Thursday, March 11, 2010


bye - bye :(

yesterday was the last techflow for the semester.....we bid farewell to 6 of our dearest buddies.....

timothy - the shorty who is awarded most helpful!!!

adeline - the other shorty who is awarded strongest physically n mentally!!!

jeremy - the botak who is awarded loudest in everyway (even the fart)!!! :P

nicholas - the other botak who is awarded most cool (cool props)!!!

navin - the black skinny clown who is awarded most funny (he makes u laugh without trying)!!! :D

alex - the one and only lecturer who is awarded oldest (this is his 2nd sayonara speech)!!

it was hard to bid them farewell...this was the group i really worked closely with...i knew all of them tru christmas nite...especially wen im acting..the bond between us was really strong..i hope our frenship will last forever... :)

techflow oso did get sum clay figurines framed up for the ever long serving committees...

vice president



all the best my frens....

gonna b missing u guys...

-thanks faithful listener-

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