Monday, March 1, 2010

❀ kuala selangor ❀

its was a public holiday...25 feb we decided to get the church van n drive to kuala selangor...weee~!

all the 8 of us.. :)

our 1st pit stop was Bukit took us about 2 hours to get there..n thanks to garmin we managed to find our way without any lost of directions.. :D

i got my ticket ready!!

these are the ticket prices...

the 1st tram station was about 5 mins of ride..there we saw lots of monkeys!!! n canons too...


the not so friendly monkeys..

after playing n feeding the monkeys for sum time...we waited for the tram n wen to the next station...the aquarium... :) there were not many fishes..but there were sum birds too..kinda worth it for RM3 a package..

fishy fishy..

mangroove area..nice.. :)

bukit melawati tower..hehe

after about half an hour was almost 6pm..time for dinner!!! SEAFOOD dinner!!! nyum nyum...our 2nd pit stop River View Seafood..

hungry people waiting for food..hehe

fried sotong

butter prawns

hot & sour fish

wat a feast!! i love the fish the most.. :)

the seafood was really really cheap!!! siakap fish + fried lala + simple choy tam + fried sotong + butter prawns...for 8 people is only RM102!!!! ahhhh....i wanna stay near there...den everyday can eat that hot & sour fish! sluurrrpp! after dinner it started to drizzle..huhu...we wanna see fireflies!!! :( but after buying sum junkies like satay cod fish..dried sotong..the shop owner told us that after rain..we wud b able to see more fireflies..but another thing is if it does not stop at all???? haihz..

we stil drove to our 3rd pit stop..Kelip-kelip Kg. Kuantan..after about 20 mins of waiting...the rain STOPPED!!! :D

safety check done!!

only 4 people in a boat..RM10 per person..

the experience was amazing..we saw those fireflies at the best time..because of the was really dark so the fireflies were really bright!! :) yay~! from far they were twinkling like a christmas tree!! it was as tho sum one was shining a torch light at the rite??? *thumbs up to God's creation*

-thanks faithful listener-

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