Saturday, March 13, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market

this weekend i choose to have dinner at Manhattan Fish Market, mid valley....there was a queue!!! i dun like that...but luckily their service was fast.. :)

their famous dish: Manhattan Flaming Pot

its RM27.60..looks yummy rite??

we were afraid that we cant b full with jus one main our 2nd choice was another Manhattan signature...

salmon @ RM26.70

the salmon was tasty too..but had a slight sushi taste..

bon appetit!!!

after a hearty was time for dessert!! altho i was very full..i stil wanted to order dessert..coz the 1st time i had it..i loved it!!! but this time i found it too sweet.. =/

mud pie @ RM10.90

our bill was RM96.90...its really very filling for two..we enjoyed the dinner a lot..hehe..looking for more vouchers to dine here!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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