Thursday, March 4, 2010

dream houses????

wondering wat kind of houses u wish to buy in the future??? scroll down n pick ur choice! :)

a lop sided house in japan?

a musically inclined house?

Aladdin lamp house?

sharp thorny cactus home?

big headed, small body house?

close to nature..coral home?

stay underground partially?? wavy roof..

say no to straight structures..?

look like a pumpkin?? best for haloween

wonder how its like to b from outerspace??

not afraid of tsunami?? try this...

barbie pink choice!!! ♥

hard to choose huh??? but believe it or not..these houses really do google proved it to me :)

p/s: gotta stop writing d...semi con test tomorrow.. :( wish me luck!

-thanks faithful listener-

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