Monday, March 1, 2010

i-city, shah alam

there were many write ups in magazines n news papers n even blogs regarding this its a must to visit!!! i dun wanna miss out... :P

isnt it so colourful??

those trees are not real.. :) but so beautifully arranged..there are various for christmas..chinese new year...deepavali..n even one row which looks like the one in winter sonata..hehe

the christmas version..cute cmas trees..

lovely white swans...

gong xi fa cai from mr.panda

mei hua tree..

thanks to mr personal photographer.. :)

the pics above are the afternoon version..if u go at night..all trees n panda will b lighted up beautifully.. :) i din stay for the night version as it was really warm n humid..i was sweating!!! urgh...hate to b sticky!

after taking lots of was time 4 dinner..hehehe..i wanted western food...n mr photographer granted my wish.. :)

strawberry field cafe @ taipan

grilled fish @ RM11.90....7/10 ★

it was such a great sunday!!!!! all the places i wanted to go...i was brought there!!! :) n i took so many many pics!!! happieeee! :D

-thanks faithful listener-

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