Wednesday, March 31, 2010

22nd --> 29th march

nothing special bout this period of time...its jus that i was having finals then!!!! a very stressful time....but all work n no play makes us dull!!!! this week was not only filled with books..but! *stress reliever*

mask time... :)
wen exams are near..pimples also increases!!! ahhhh!

went on one fun fair ride to scream all we wan!! good way to release the fear! :)

EAT!!! mushroom meal..hehe

1) kicap ayam with potato n mushroom
2) cabbage with mushroom
3) egg with mushroom

we jus LOVE mushroom... :)

EAT again!!! *cooking is fun*

1) sting ray asam pedas
2) black pepper mushroom
3) stir fried beans

home cook food is jus yummy!!! i did delivery service for this meal too..hehe

never try this people during finals..
very heaty!! but we cud not resist.. :P

dun worry too much...we are not those who jus play play play n have all the fun in the world...of coz we faced our books too!!! we din lie u proof!!

book worms..haha


-thanks faithful listener-

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