Saturday, March 25, 2017

Statue of Liberty!!

another exciting day in NYC! it is so surreal to wake up in a city where it somehow looks familiar because of the hollywood movies we watched!! =)

our breakfast..HOTDOG!

i found the handsome statue of liberty!! hahahah

we boarded the cruise along the manhattan skyline

love this skyline..i guess its one of the most famous skyline!

we finally saw the world's famous statue!
statue of was definitely HUGE!

after our cruise docked, we decided to walk the streets of NYC..our first stop was wall street..the world's finance district!

charging bull!

911 was really sad to see the names of victims carved around the hole..

 this is the new tower, one world trade center

cannot wait to share what we did in the evening...stay tune to the next post!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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