Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Niagara Falls!!!

we flew to Buffalo for the famous Niagara Falls!!!! i was super excited!

in the flight!!!
we were lucky enough to bump into a couple at the airport who also wanted to get to niagara falls, this means we can split the taxi charges!! yay!! =)

here we are!!! niagara falls USA...

we were that close to the fall!!
so awesome!!!! =)

we then walked across to canada!! yes, WALKED!!!
this is the border between two countries!!
we walked from USA to CANADA! how amazing! haha! =)

the view from this side really made me stand in awe..
its was majestic!!

a rainbow across the rainbow bridge =)

love how full the rainbow was!

it was freezing!!!!

fully wrapped..hahaha

some hot chocolate to keep warm

 i guess its autumn! but its freezes us like winter!

one more glance before we say goodbye

 love this picture of us!!!

i am soooo thankful for such an opportunity to see with my own eyes the beauty of such a majestic creation of God..thanks dear for bringing me here!

-thanks faithful listener-

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