Saturday, March 18, 2017

Off to New York City!!

this is a long over due post..this trip was back in 2015!!! *screams for procrastinating*

hubs was given the opportunity to go to atlanta for work so he suggested that we have a short trip to NYC after his event..of course i agreed! i was super happy!!!!!

hubs at work

i took a flight via Guangzhou to meet hubs after his event was over..flight felt super long as i was travelling alone..

Jamaica station..waiting for the train to take me to my hotel area..

since i arrived super early..i decided to check out new jersey myself..cake boss headquarters was my main target..hahaha

my first NYC breakfast..tim hortons!

i finally arrive at cake boss!

looks super yummy..jus like in the show!

i cannot decide what to buy..i want them all!!!!

im done! bought some for dear

before heading back to new york central, i walked around..there was a very nice pier..

stay tune to more about me checking out NYC!

-thanks faithful listener-

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