Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Catch A Crab, Gold Coast Australia

a new day!! i was super excited for this day..lots of hands on..hehe..lets go!

we are here!!

look at the serene!!!

first stop at pelican feeding
the birds came so close..they weren't afraid of us!!

the cruise took us to the center of the lake and now the guide asked if we are ready to jump the winter? did i hear u correctly? OMG! lucky they prepared shorts n towel for us..time to get wet!! hehehe

yabbie pumping time..
it was tiring! haha

he was more focused on getting wet and spraying mud on others..
hahahah..thats my cheeky hubs!

our hard work in a container..hahaha..
i mean part of ours..haha..we only manage to catch maybe 5..haha

he caught a fish!!! wow!!!!
we used the yabbies as bait..hehe
sorry yabbies.. =P

our guide left some cages in the deeper end the night before..
and today we caught this huge mud crab!!! wow!!!

and that was our lunch..hahahha
super yummy and it was huge!
crab overload!!!

this whole tour was like the food chain cycle..hahahha...
yabbies for fish, fish for pelican
yabbies for crabs, crabs for us..haha!

what a fun trip!!!

next post will be about our trip to brisbane!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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