Saturday, March 4, 2017

Surfers Paradise & Costa Doro Restaurant

it has been a long day in movie world..before going back to our hotel..we visited surfers paradise for dinner, souvenir shopping and the night market.. =) the night market was not very exciting..hence no pictures..huhu..there were not many stalls..

we chose dinner at costa doro

my dinner..snitzle..reminds me of germany
it was AUD 27 (not inc tax)

he had ribeye steak..
AUD 40 (not inc tax)

it was kinda chilly to have dinner in the outdoor..but lucky the restaurants helped a bit with some heating fire spots.. *phew*

he bought me these..australian marine opal!!
thank u hubs!

bye surfers paradise!

time to call it a night!
good night!

-thanks faithful listener-

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