Saturday, February 11, 2017

A weekend in Cameron Highlands

from kuala lumpur to cameron highlands!!! time for a relaxing weekend! it took us 3 hours to drive to cameron highlands..we stayed at parkland apartments..nice and cosy! =)

first stop was a Iskandar Waterfall or more well known as 'Lata Iskandar'..
because of our outfit, we just stopped by for photos

we also stopped by Boh Tea plantation..

love this shot!!!

this is in Lavender Garden (RM8 entrance fee for adults)
we could pick daisies!!! lovely!!
the cup of strawberry yoghurt dear is holding is YUMMY too!!!!

 our breakfast the next morning at Sungai Palas Tea Plantation!
scones with strawberry jam!
really nice but please come early for a new view

rose valley is also worth a visit!!!! pretty!

for dinner, we had charcoal steamboat for dinner!!!!
Mountain House Restaurant
RM20-RM24/person for steamboat sets
YUMMY! i will definitely return here again!


-thanks faithful listener-

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