Saturday, February 25, 2017

Movie World Gold Coast

MOVIE WORLD!! a place full of roller coasters and movie stars...woohooo!!!! =) we were kinda early at the avoid queues..hehe =P *success*

hello movie world!!

this ride was scary!! but accomplished!!!

sorry marilyn..he chose me..haha..

that was another crazy ride..

this is definitely an awesome show..
they even invited some guest to shoot immediately and made it into a film!
im impressed!

break time!
we had some yummy burgers..

this is so cool..shooting, 3D and roller coaster!

we also spent some time on queuing up to take photos with the movie stars..

before we left the awesome theme park..we sat along the main street for their parade..time for a close up of the movie stars.. =)

looney tunes are here!

sylvester!! where is tweetie?



batgirl meets superwoman

sexy catwoman..hehe

handsome batman!!!

it was surely a fun day!! felt like a kid..hehehe

adult ticket: AUD79.99 (1 day pass)

-thanks faithful listener-

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