Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trip to Batam

a friend of mine got married in we booked flights to johor..and its was a long its gonna be an extended trip..yay! =)

us at the wedding! =)

that evening we went to 'senibong seafood village' in johor for dinner..the seafood was really yummy and affordable! *happy* the next day..we took a ferry to batam..our overseas vacation begins..literally over the sea..hahaha =P

waiting to board our ferry

lucky the waves were alright..
no crazy sea sick

we arrived at our hotel, Harmoni One

i really love this detailed and cultural

one of the main purpose we decided to come to batam was because of the polo ralph lauren factory the ferry terminal, the prices were not very we decided to check out the outlet..horror!!! it was super disappointing..the price was almost the same with malaysia in stores!! aiyoooooooo!

a picture to remind me to never return! hahahaha!

here's our second reason coming to batam..
nasi padang!!!!!!!!! dear's favorite was the ayam sambal ijo!

im happy to drink my jus alpukat again..hehe!

that evening we went to 'nagoya mall' and 'bcs mall' for shopping..

after lots of walking and shopping..was enjoyed SPA!!! from creambath (hair), pedicure manicure (nails) to body massage and body scrub!!! was really pampered and relaxed!!! *snores*

on the second day..we just had breakfast..den walk around our hotel..

the pool which we never swam guarded by garuda =P

love the 'english' feel here

it was a short and sweet getaway!!

thanks for the shopping spree and pampering!

-thanks faithful listener-

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