Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I-CITY Shah Alam

this week my family is in KL!!! yay!!! my niece, shernette is here too! the little cheeky one! =P

the little one having fun tying my hair..haha!

in the evening we decided to have some fun in shah alam i-city..snow walk and fun fair was our main thing to visit..lets go! for the snow walk, please bring your own socks, gloves and wear proper sports shoes..

it was freezing!!!!

the ice carving was nice this!

sliding down was this little one..
she was already freezing..hahahaha! =D

it was so much fun experiencing snow world with my was really cold...brrrr! shernette was so stiff in the cold..we spent less than 30 minutes in there! hahahah =D now off to some exciting rides..

ferris wheel!!!

this thing is cool..

mini roller coaster with miss princess..
she was really excited..we sat for 2 rounds!

after a full day of fun..the next day..we went to magnum cafe..yummy!!!! =)

love her smile!

blek! hahhaa

 ice all to herself? hahaha!
share please.....

im so thankful that my family came to was a really nice weekend!

 -thanks faithful listener-

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