Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Avani Sepang Gold Coast

off we go for our vacation!!! Avani Sepang Gold Coast!!! weeee~!!!! 

hubby suggested to stop by for cendol bakar!
many people have been talking about this but its not that yummy to me.. the way..the cendol is not grilled (bakar)!!
the owner's name is bakar..hahahha

after cendol, we continued our journey..we were looking for places for lunch..but found none! =( huhu...and lunch at the resort was crazy we skipped lunch..only ate junk food like oreo and milo..haha =P

upon checking in..i was given a bouquet of roses by the hotel!
awwww *melts*

just us!

waiting for the buggy to get us to our room

lovely room! all cosy and romantic!!
this is one of our most relaxed getaway..
just chilling without any plans..hahaha!

we were also given this..
after many phone calls..service is definitely not tip top!
electricity also tripped a few time..
resort management told us its because of the heater..but it wasnt on!

we had a 90 minutes spa treatment..
was really good! relaxed!

jacuzziiiii!!! happy me!

this is the view from our room!
the sunset was really pretty!

we had dinner by the beach which i will be blogging in the next post..stay tune!

 before we left the resort..we stop by Senandung Malam for dinner!
seafooooddd!!! yay!!!
was yummy and affordable!

im so grateful for such a wonderful weekend!
enjoyed we are fully recharged!
i hope so..hahahaha =P

-thanks faithful listener-

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