Monday, January 9, 2012

a month in germany: regensburg

i was sent to Germany for a month for training...thanks to my office for this great experience..very fun filled and of coz flight there was approximately 13 hours plus excluding transit!! =P i flew from kuala lumpur to amsterdam and then to munich.. =) thanks to klm, deutsch airline...if u guys have been reading my sure u guys realize i love to take pictures..and this is a month!! soo i have TONS to enjoy...these post will be all about regensburg..

the journey there was long..but worth the wait! =)

gewerbepark is where my company is situated...
thanks to Mr Pecs who drove me all the way..
munich to regensburg at 210km/h!! haha

ta-daa..this is 1 out of 3 of the offices..
we have the building which does the processing, production and admin!
amazing!!! =)

these are what we do!!!

training on our products - OLTC

more training..hahahha! =P
that's what i came here for!

my training is usually only from 8am - after that i am let's see what regensburg downtown is like.. =)

this is a painting of david and goliath on the wall
nice to see the freedom of worshiping our Lord here!

i know im in europe when the buildings are this style =)

the christmas mood is sooo nice!
jingle bells everywhere!!!!

im lucky to be here during the christmas season..
my favorite time of the year! =)

regensburg's famous river..danau river!
love the view from here!

another picture of the danau river overlooking the old bridge

this is over the other side..lovely!

carousels in every square
now it makes sense why kids love christmas seasons.. =)

my company has the biggest indoor christmas wreath..hahahhaa..

this beautiful sunset from my office..awww~!

the famous Dom

this is just my 1st city that i visited and i fell in love with it already!!!!!

 german sausage bun at the christmas market
stay tune for more about the beautiful christmas markets =)
will be updating soon.....

-thanks faithful listener-

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