Saturday, January 28, 2012

☆ open house 2012 ☆

yay!!! open house again!! its tiring..but great to see people gathering in my house.. =) its like family....awwww...hehe..wish i had more frens in penang who would come..usually we have open house on the 1st day of chinese new year..that explains why most of my chinese frens cant come rite?? =P

all set up! weee~!!

food oso ready..
dun worry..we catered..haha =P

after around 9pm..most of our guests already finish was time for the highlight of the night...weeee~!!!!! =D

lion dance on STILTS!!
amazing!!! woooow!

a gift from the lion to my mum
i think it says, "everyday, a good day!"

next is fireworks!!! BOOM!

beautiful and romantic..hahaha..
but no 'love' there =P

after all the was time to settle down and chit chat with my two dear so happy they made it.. =) thanks for coming!!! had a great time catching up! =)

ge ~ me ~ iz

what an amazing day with funny memories too..hahaha...

1) when we were watching the awesome fireworks..a bird flew into my house and didnt know how to get out for more than 12 was scared so it kept knocking the 'locked' glasses and shitting everywhere! is this LUCK?

2) during the open house, our neighbour's dog ran in and also shit in our garden!! gosh!! more LUCK!!

seems like 2012 is gonna be shitty LUCKY!! hahahahhahhahahha....

-thanks faithful listener-

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