Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 resolutions took me quite sometime to really sit and think what my resolutions should be..and i finally can think of 5 main ones...hopefully i can stick on to it!!!!

i wanna finish the whole bible this year! =)
Lord, please give me the discipline to read your word...

i wanna save MORE money!!
2011 has been a great year..but this resolution stays!
i have been independent for 8 months and it feels great! =)

this has been forever my resolution!! gosh!!
2012 needs to be the last year for it!!!!!
i am not aiming to be slim like a model..but at least fit n healthy!!!
*my hardest goal*

like this picture says...
2012 would be the year i know what business i want in my future! =)
im gonna work on it!!! weee~!!

go for HOLIDAYS!!!!!!
i have 3 places that i have planned to visit..
i hope all my plans will come to past!
and i hope i will be able to own a DSLR before that! hehe..

only 8 out of 10 of my 2011 resolutions or achieved!
1 of them is discarded!
1 of them is continued..

Hopefully all my resolutions can be achieved in 2012..

-thanks faithful listener-

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