Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Market, Germany

one of the best thing when i was in germany was the christmas markets.. =) its really beautiful to experience christmas this way! everyone in the cities are enjoying it..its something like our 'bazaar ramadhan' but this is very nice and not so much food..but more of the a handmade lover so i really could spend days checking them out!!! ahhhh!! and lots of money gone since all the things are too lovely to resist!!! =P


the stalls selling pretty christmas gifts!

carolling...beautiful voices!

a very famous candies and cookies shop

a sip of hot chocolate to warm myself up! slurrp!

these are all handmade!! ahhhh!
i want them all.....

this is a special christmas market
-thurn und taxis castle-
5 Euros per entry..but the things sold there are very unique!

handmade fire carving...i bought one!! weee~!

homemade chocolates...

christmas market in haidplatz, regensburg


see the christmas pyramid? that is famous here!!!


 sipping the delicious warm chocolate..
its very milk-ish and chocolate-ish =)


see the reindeers?? love their lightings and christmas atmosphere!

all my warm chocolate mugs!!
memorable souvenirs!! awww~!!!

writing this post made me miss Germany soooo much...i will definitely go back to Germany again someday..this is one of the best christmas season i had!!! =)

stay tune to see what Rottenburg is all about..a great city... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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