Monday, October 24, 2011


the time to run and pray for our nation is back!!! this time i am totally not prepared..haha...comparing to 2009! hahaha...this time its the same..5km!! ahhhh! =P wondering how this works?? my team starts from bukit jalil lrt..running or jogging right to bukit jalil school..along the way..we need to pray for a list of education system, media, government and many more!! *panting and praying* hahahaha =D

we were really nervous to run..we started at 7am!! sorry no pictures..busy warming up..hehehe...only pictures once we are done! hehehe =P

5km in 40mins!! =)

breakfast time..hehe..
gaining back energy after running!

thank u sunquick!! =D

i pray that God will continue to reign in bukit jalil area..God will protect that area from all crime and accidents..i pray that Christians in that area will continue to cling on to the Lord and serve Him for He also deserves our worship and praises!!! God bless this area abundantly!!! ~amen~

-thanks faithful listener-

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