Wednesday, October 19, 2011


last sunday..hans isaac..sounds familiar? he is a producer and actor in our country's film industry!! =) he is planning to produce a movie and his crew decided to 'rent' my office for shooting!! wow! so those who were single..haha..were asked to take care of the office during weekends..of coz with some allowance =P besides making sure all the things in the office were not destroyed or actually having a lot of fun seeing how a movie is produced =)

the sound crew! =)
there are 2 monitors..
one which quality is exactly like a video
one which is exactly the quality of a cinema movie..

look at the different angles to reflect light.. =)
all this while i tot those reflectors were expensive!
some of them are jus polysterene!!! hehehe

nice reception counter?
thats actually a portable one..
my company has no reception counter!! nice!

cut!! take 10!!! hehehehhe
no no..the cast are not that bad =P

this is something new!!
its a track to film them walking out of the lift..
this technique is sooo cool!!

this is the machine that runs on the track =)

finally..this is awie..
he is the DHL dispatch boy in the movie..hehe
so sad i dun have a picture with hans =(

all in all......


*i cant wait to watch the movie in the cinema..feels part of the crew!*

-thanks faithful listener-

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