Sunday, October 30, 2011

official engineer!!!

weeee~!!! *can u hear me scream???* after 5 finally a graduate!! woohoo! went up to take my scroll and now its all about building my way up the career ladder!! =) and of coz clouds of $$$$$ appearing over my head..hahaha...okok..enuf of my big dreams =P time to share my happiness of my grand big day!

my Best Soul Mates Forever went for a photoshoot..white rite?? check out our cute pictures..actually we took during the same time with this photoshoot.. =)

love those pictures..A LOT!!!! =D since its my grand big day..i took many many many many photos..haha..i cant decide which to blog and which not too..that explains y i have sooo many pictures this time..please bare with me ok? ok? =P

seconds after i got my scroll..*proud engineers*
this is my 1st housemate

oops..left our robes in the hall
*toilet break*

my dear parents
thanks mummy & daddy!!!

my cheeky brother with my mortarboard!!
thanks kor for the bouquet! =)

my special family...

this is myme
 a great fren especially in studies..
thanks for all the guidance & patience!!

this is tze wei & xian
xian is my 1st roommate!! wow! =)

this is shwe!!
the very torturous but fun one!! hahaha 

my big techflow family!!
happy to have bumped into u guys!!!

my great career unit juniors
thanks for the flowers.. =)

my jom lepak gang..hehehhee

im sooo happy to have met u guys
wherever u guys may be..
always keep in touch!!!

love this picture!
celebration at the stairway of success!!
~thanks for the bouquet dear~


-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. aahhhh!!! upload la gmbr convo yg dkt uniten tuuu.. i want some. i dont have any pic with me :( btw, nnt free poskan cd gambar studio eh?! love youuuuu