Sunday, October 9, 2011

horse carnival 2011

on the 23-25 sept 2011, there was a horse carnival at the turf club near to mines shopping center..i went there on sunday after church! weeee~! there were many horses of coz..hahah...and oso some cute craft sales.. =) since this is a back dated post..i will jus let it be a pictoblog..hahaha...

malaysian horse! heehehe

high tech horse..hahahah!

there were many booths promoting horsey activites
this is one of them!

finally found a pony!!
i went on my 2nd horse carriage ride...
felt like cinderella.....aww!

this is where the horses raced..
we even saw the horses do high jump and emergency brakes!!

the event's closing was a special appearance..
u recognize them??
are u guessing upin and ipin??
betul betul betul!!! ehhehehehehe

im sorry for not informing about this event earlier so that some of u wont miss it...sorry!!! my bad..hope my mistake wont repeat!

-thanks faithful listener-

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