Wednesday, July 27, 2011

arsenal vs malaysia 2011

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! *can u hear my scream??* the day that i was waiting for soooo long finally arrived..the answer to this questions has finally been answered.."who will win..arsenal or harimau?" hehehe...of coz ARSENAL!!! =)

the whole stadium was so pack..lucky me..i parked my car in a very nice spot since morning coz i take lrt to work everyday =) i actually bought some burgers for dinner..n guess the entrance i cant bring it in! silly me for not seeing the 'no outside food allowed' sign..haih! =/ finally entered the stadium by 7pm..we were almost 2 hours early..oh no!! boredom strike..haha..but observing all the fanatic fans was fun!! hehe...

this are my precious tickets!!

all the fans are ready!!!
*blow hornssssss*

im ready too! hehe... =P

we were so early that i was able to see them warm up!!
hahaha... =)

finally they are out!! wooohooo! =)

this is a video of the 1st goal




note to myself: this is my 2nd football match..1st was wen i was like 10 years old or younger..only could remember eating hotdogs n nuggets..but this time..i was very excited..totally enjoyed!! im an official fan of Arsenal..hehe

-thanks faithful listener-

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