Friday, July 15, 2011

CIAO ristorante

its time to meet the regional sales managers..its gonna b my first time meeting some of those i talked to on the phone previously =) we finally decided on a place to hold this dinner..we are off to CIAO..italian food!!! yum!!

i dont really know exactly wat menu they serve because we had our private was yummy!!! =) this will b more of a picture blog since i took many many pictures..hehe!

we are finally here! =)

nice setting..cosy n comfy!

look at the range of wine!

this is their surrounding..nice!

i like this outdoor swing..hehe

after everyone was time for FOOOOOD!

salad corner

main dishes!! the claims! =)

below will b some pictures of my colleagues...

i definitely had a great time eating!!!!
OM NOM NOM NOM........

-thanks faithful listener-

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