Tuesday, July 5, 2011

magical musicals 2011, sunway lagoon

yay!!! i went to a musical..im a very happy person wen watching musicals..the cheerful type! =)

MAGICAL MUSICALS was a great choice!!!

thanks to allmalaysia.info ...i watched them for free =D it was held at the sunway lagoon amphitheater..the backdrop was all about new york times square..im gonna let the pictures do the talking about how great it was!!! *screams of excitement*

we took a tram to the amphitheater
sunway lagoon was amazing at night..the lights were beautiful!

the story was mainly about these 3 couples =)

they had glow in the dark effect..nice!

can can dancing..sexy!

sha la la...

all guys only please...hehe

jai ho!!! this punjabi drum was cool!

cheering on!!

saturday nite fever...nice!

EXPLODE!! hehe...

the show was approximately around 90 minutes...was very entertaining... =) really grateful for the free tickets!! and sadly one of the main cast..15 minutes into the show got badly injured and rushed to the hospital..oh dear! i kinda realized one guy singing alone without the 'girlfriend' and finally the emcee of the day made it clear that she was injured..felt bad and the whole production did awesome cause i din actually realize it was a "mistake"....*applause*

we were allowed on stage once it ended..
so my photoshooting began..haha =P

awesome night out!!!


-thanks faithful listener-


  1. Thanks for the blog post- really pleased you enjoyed the show, even with 1 less cast member! She is OK now, and had her stitches taken out this week. All better! :-)

  2. wow!!! thanks for dropping by my blog!!! what a pleasant surprise! =) good to hear that she is fine now..have a great stay in malaysia!! =)