Tuesday, July 19, 2011

nokia recyclimpics

ever thought of a new way to recycle..nokia tot me something new..its not only paper, plastics and aluminium...we can recycle our PHONES!!! but dun worry..its not ur brand new phone..but ur rosak phone!! =P they were actually having the recyclimpics the 1st week of july at mid valley..n i was there!! lucky me! =)

a very very great cause!!
i now know wat to do with my rosak phones rather than throwing in the busuk bin..hehe

i love this idea..
recycle a phone, adopt a tree!!

look at mr recycled phone..hehe..
i was surprised to see my 1st phone in 2006 there!
its like a collection of all nokia phones from the 1st they ever invented =)

 thumbs up Nokia!!! =)

im a proud nokia user cause it serves a great cause too!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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