Wednesday, May 25, 2011

where dreams come true!!! back in hongkong.. =) going to disneyland!!! we spent 2 days there..great two days..i loved being around my favorite characters..mickey, minnie, pooh, woody and many more!!!! with the excitement i had..i took A LOT of this will b a photo post.. =) enjoy my pictures!!

we took the disney monorail..cute handles!

ta-daa!! we are here!

look at the flowers behind..cute lil mickey!

oooo..mickey kissed me! hehe...

this is at the sleeping beauty castle..
remember the castle where the prince kissed her??

this year is hong kong disneyland's 5th year..
~celebration in the air~

parade time..hello pooh!

lilo n stitch are here too!

after walking from parks to parks..
it is time for ice cream!! yummy!

met mr woody along the way.. =)

can u spot minnie?
a cast member tot me how to draw this only with water!!

tinker bell lighting up the castle

fireworks time..very very nice!!!
very very romantic too if u are there with ur other half.. =)

back to our hotel..
hollywood hotel..everything is disney~

even the shower shades!

**END OF DAY 1**

walking around our hotel

they were like storm..n i played too..hehe =P

hong kong style of high school musical!!
very very entertaining =)

we also went to inspiration lake..
unique bicycle huh?
all must paddle together ok?? =P

it was awesome to meet all my fav characters..
wen i was a kid, they were my companion wen i eat and play..
i would cry if u turn off the tv when they are there =)

my holiday has come to an end..from penang--> hongkong --> macau --> shenzhen --> hongkong --> penang..

it has been an awesome journey n also a complete family trip which we dun usually have often..its either brother is not free or dad is not there..haih!!! n now im working..its gonna b even harder~!! =(

-thanks faithful listener-

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