Tuesday, May 24, 2011

fun at shenzhen.. =)

after day whole day of casinos..a little more of nature n cultural knowledge is the best!!! so off we went to shenzhen..the tour started a lil horrifying as we were brought to shops after shops..n china is not the best place to buy expensive things as imitation is greatly produced there...so we din really enjoy the jewellery, tea, silk n herbs factory..

 this is OCT..a new 'theme park'

haha..statue of shenzhen..

this is the landmark of OCT..amazing waterfall...

time for some rides..
we were soaked wet!!!

this is an amazing roller coaster..its wooden!!

this is something new..
we cud ride on it like a bumper car..fun!!!

off to the underwater world park..
this is the jelly fish world =)

look at them!! cute!

after walking around the whole theme park..it was huge!!! up n down many escalators..it was time for the final cultural water show..

the starfish welcomed us..hehe

starfish cant survive without seaweeds..hehe

look at the acrobatics during the show!!

the pretty swans..nice lightings rite?? =)

wen the lights turned on..the swan costume was thumbs up!! =)

after the show..it was time to head back to our hotel..it was a less tiring day but really fun!!!! n our hotel had free internet access!! weeee~!! so i was surfing the whole nite..hehehhe =P back to hong kong 2moro!!! =)

~stay tune~

-thanks faithful listener-

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