Monday, May 16, 2011

hello hong kong!

the vacation im looking forward to is finally here..its been a while since mum, dad, bro n i all went on a holiday was always only me n mum or only bro n mum..this time all together.. =)

3 hours flight to hongkong..thanks airasia!! =)

once we arrived at the airport..we checked in at a counter..we travelled by airasia tours as we were told that our bus will only come in 90 mins we had dinner in the airport..

i ordered chinese tea..but they understood it as lemon tea..
will drink it anyways..hehe

yummy yummy dishes..
from left to right:
wine chicken, seasoned jellyfish, vege. taufoo, fish n siew long pau!

we checked into our hotel in town, Regal thing i really love about the hotel is that there are free shuttle buses to all Regal we could go to everywhere free practically..we stopped a Regal which was very near Central..the shopping area..and also another Regal near the seaside..all free!! =) thanks Regal..
once we settled down..we decided to go to Miu Kai..a night market.. =)

miu kai..which is also known as temple street..
many many things to buy..please bargain!! =)

we had seafood too!! yum!

love this shell..slurrp!

we were there for almost 2 hours..den back to hotel to rest..the tour guide is coming early in the morning for our day tour!! good nite all......

-thanks faithful listener-

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