Monday, May 16, 2011

sight seeing in hong kong city

today is all about being a tourist in hong excited to see what hong kong is made of...its a small island with lots of tourist spots!! nice!! this post will b filled with pictures due to my excitement..haha =P

this is at the golden bauhinia square..
cant remember what the importance of this flower
it is on their coins!

cruising at the hong kong 'zhai' river...
look at the restaurant behind!

repulse bay!! many hot volleyball guys..haha =P

snack time!!

at the victoria peak! =)

a miniature of their crammed up apartments

madame tussauds
obama stands n i sign the agreement..haha =P

lets sing with the Beatles.. =)

part of a picture already!
gonna b stuck in hong kong..haha =P

spiderman rescued me!! 

visited their art museum..
kinda bored as i dun appreciate chinese art

the most famous street!!
avenus of stars =)

it was overlooking all their sky scrapers..nice!
slightly hazy tho..

im a star too!!! hehe

jackie chan!! wee~!

there was a police roadshow on safety..

at nite..went to ladies street instead..
more things to buy..less to eat here! =)


off to macau 2moro....

-thanks faithful listener-

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