Thursday, May 26, 2011

blessed birthday, my kor kor!!

its my brother's bday n we decided to celebrate it up in genting..the day after we arrived back from hong kong..we left to genting early the nex morning..the bus ride from penang was oh so many hours!!!! once we arrived there..we checked in n off to the theme park...

haunted house..grrr!

time for some thrills!!

ahhhhh!!! screams.........

after playing hours at the outdoor theme was time for this time..dear has not arrived yet..huhu..the dinner was yummy..i love the salmon sashimi most!!! i ate sooo many plates..hehe =)

all of us during dinner..

by the time dinner was over..dear had arrived =) YAY! after dear took a quick shower..we went for a show..gosh!! it was a bad production!! we walked out 30 mins b4 the show was over!! terrible!!! din know genting would sign a contract with such a terrible performance many mistakes in the acrobatics! urgh! after the was time for some indoor fun!

haunted house hantu tina..haha
it was not that scary after all.. =/

the huge chair!

see the books!
these weird things are in ripley's believe it or not

the time we all have been waiting for arrived!!!

happy bday kor!!
many more blessings in the next year!! =)

the next morning..dear n i went for breakfast buffet..soooo full! *burps*...den we decided to go for a foot massage..its our 1st time..i enjoyed it but there were some ticklish parts..haha =P ling seemed to like it as well..weee~! den we had lunch before goin home..i had chicken rice with soup while dear had hainanese chicken chop.. =) den its time to go home..bye bye dear!!! see u soon......

we stopped by here on our way back..
this temple is very near the peak of genting.. =)


-thanks faithful listener-

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