Friday, March 7, 2014

ICC first ever camp!!!

sorry that this is super belated post..i have been really busy juggling work, travels and i am BACK my darling readers! =)

its my 'home' church ICC's 1st ever camp! and i am so happy that i and the boyfie 'P' are organizing it!!!! was not easy..but so worth it!! =)

this time its by the beach of Port Dickson!

us at the registration counter =)

hello pastor

us with the speakers!

witnessing our friends getting baptized!
such a great celebration!!!

all of us rejoicing!!

this baby is soooo adorable! baby Eleanor!

superman and superwoman!!!
i proposely bought this for dear and i...
speaking about commitment..haha! =P

 our family in Christ!!
such a happy one!

thank you Lord for all that You have guided and provided.. =) 

-thanks faithful listener-

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