Friday, March 14, 2014

Day trip to Sekinchan

my colleagues decided to make a trip to Sekinchan..main intention was to buy rice, eat seafood and also check out the paddy fields.. =)

all of us in one van!! =)

we have finally arrived at kuala selangor for lunch! =)

all of us....
im so glad 'P' got along well with them! =)
eating seafood - ticked!

so serene!!!!
paddy fields - ticked!

higher!!!!! hehehehhe =D

we also bought brown rice here... - ticked!

fresh oyster was sooo yummy!!!
not planned..but glad we ate them!!!!
FRESHEST ever!!!

'P' playing on the swing.... =)
thanks dear for joining us..
and also driving us there!

- thanks faithful listener-

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