Monday, March 17, 2014

our day trip to Sekinchan

i decided to go with dear to Sekinchan after reading about it on a blog..seems like a simple life kinda place =) perfect for a day trip..

dear must stop request...

for his freshly steamed pau..hehe

the journey took us almost 2-3 hours with our pau stop..hehe...the only way to know you have reached sekinchan is when you see paddy fields!!!

or when you see this signage! =)

so green and nice!!!

stopped by the factory to buy rice too..

after buying some pearl brown was time for i decided to try BBQ beside the beach...when we arrived the beach, Pulau was too we took more photos..

pulau redang here we are...

not the cleanest beach..hehe =)

my boo! mwah....

his tea time..some popiah!

my tea time..some fresh oysters!!
sooo fresh and yummy! =)

soon it was sunset...

 always love sunsets... 

finally they are ready to serve dinner...

i present you the chef of the day..!

was a little tasteless since there was no seasoning =(

we ended the night with releasing wishing lanterns..
thanks to the was free! =)

such a memorable day!!! 
love getting out of the city with dear!

-thanks faithful listener-

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