Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A weekend at Perhentian Island

this is gonna be a picture post =) the pictures will make you feel like going!! =)

airasia flight to Kota Bharu =)
its approximately 90 minutes flight...

at the airport, we could buy tickets to the island
RM35 per person for return ferry tickets
RM60 for a taxi to the jetty

the boat ride was almost an hour
torture for me!! =(

checked into Shari-la
not luxurious but nice and cozy! =)

it was sooo hot so i needed ice blended!
dragon fruit ice blended! nice!


almost sunset after 3 hours of snorkelling
RM25 per person for snorkelling
we saw sharks, turtles and many fishes!!

the jetty

coconuts time!
was yummy but not sweet enough


RM18 for rice and a choice of seafood

mine is the crab and fish!! RM25 =)

nice stroll along the beach after dinner

canoe-ing the next morning
RM10 for an hour

love this mr sharkie =)

i will be back i hope!! =)
See you again perhentian island!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

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