Wednesday, December 26, 2012

hello kitty town, johor

this is really back dated! sorry! i went to hello kitty town back in actually exceeded my expectation.. =) will give you some ideas of what the place look like from my pictures..and some of my comments! =)

the entrance

hello kitty bed!!!!

another one!

this is around a 'hello kitty' house
this is the kitchen!

my family in the living room..haha!

besides just touring around the house..there are 2 attractions that i didnt play cause it was more for kids..firstly is the spinning cups and another one was the real life size spot the differences...

there are 5 activities that each visitor can attend...jewellery making, costume and photograpy, doll making (must pay separate from ticket), cookie baking and lastly nail painting =)

cookie making!!
pretty and yummy too! =)

nail painting....

food time!!!
there is only one cafe...

 mr and mrs kitty! =)

 it was quite a lot of fun around hello kitty..however, it was more suitable for those with kids, i strongly encourage you to go =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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