Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 1 & 2: Legoland and JPO...

a weekend in Johor...early in the morning...time to head to LCCT for my flight to Senai Airport, Johor...wasnt really looking forward to meetings and customers..but more of a fun weekend away!!!

sorry for this blur picture..
was taken from my seat in the plane and it was raining!!

day one was not much of a i went to JPO (johor premium outlet) and bought quite a lot of things!!! my early christmas presents for myself! HAHA! =)

charles & keith hand bang and heels!
a top and earrings from flow...
all these bargains for only less than RM150!! =)
very happy me!!!! weeee~!!

full day off on Sunday...this means hello legoland!!!! time to check out this new theme park..only opened on September 2012...gonna show you all many many pictures..totally an awesome place for kids!!

im here!!!!

did not forget my map for sure! =)

ahhh!! sharks!!! =)

cute pigeons too...

can i have a lick of his ice cream? haha..SCREAM!

imagination land!!

love this fountain...
every place you sit the tune of the instrument plays!! nice....

4D movie time!! peace! =)

wigwam!! feel like a red indian..haha!

playing in a tree a kid! fun..!!

middle east?? must be sponsered by ambank! haha!

this is very tiring..
i had to pull myself up!!!

there is an area which is 'miniland' is places of the world built in lego!!!! very very unique and exactly like what you see in the country!!!

Taj Mahal in India...

a boat near Wat Arun, Thailand

Wat Arun, Thailand

KLCC, Malaysia!!!

a crazy soaking wet ride!!! FUN!!!

 all in all i would say, the park is not fully equipped is catered more for kids..but i think in years to come..teenagers and young adults will have lots of fun too!!! see you again in years to come!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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