Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas in hong kong and macau!!!

on the 15th of december..i flew to hongkong!!!! =) it was a 6 days trip including carols and decorations was everywhere!!!

hello hong kong!

as soon as i we went to ngong ping 360! this is at the famous lantau island....

ngong ping 360..where the famous buddha is..
i took the crystal cabin and it was really nice... =) overlooking the ocean!

day 2 was fun at ocean park..there were no many animal shows..from birds to seals and dolphins! the rides were cool too!! there was a reversing roller coaster!!! headache!!!

avenue of stars was also a must visit attraction..the view was really nice especially during christmas..some buildings were brightly lighted up with season greetings!! =)

found bruce lee! =P

next on the list is The Peak and Madame Tussauds!! we went to the top by bus and down by tram =)

look who we found!!!

 going down.....bye Peak! =P

 day 4 was off to Macau....the queue at the immigration was crazy! we took the turbo jet to was only 50 minutes..quite comfy!

Venetian and Macau Tower was the main attractions..
st paul ruins too!!!

last two days of our amazing holiday was spent in disneyland!!!!! a place where magical dreams come true and we had a magical christmas!!!!!!

this was one of our best getaway together!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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