Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wat Arun, Bangkok

time to visit the heritage of Thailand, Wat Arun!!! it is located across the Chaophraya River...the jetty to board the boat is already over 100 years..antique huh?? haha...

this is me at the 100 year old jetty! =)

im amazed at the structure!!
its all made of porcelain...

love this angle!! thanks to my dearest photographer =)

can u see the details..
some designs are made out of porcelain bowls..

i just had to do this!! hahaha!! =P
dont we look alike?!

this was quite challenging...
i climbed up the steep steps to get up to the temple..
beautiful view from above!! =)

see!! its the truth isnt it??

the temperature in Bangkok is crazy!! 36'C!!! climbing up the temple was really a great experience...but the sun was scorching!!! when evening was time for more street food!!!

BBQ!!! sadly i din try the looked too big..haha!

seafood tomyam please!!! YUM!

it was really a nice trip so far!! looking forward to Safari & Marine Park... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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