Wednesday, June 20, 2012


dont u think i have the cutest parents!! haha...

here's my mummy n i..
this was in japan...

we were in australia =)

i may not have the prettiest, smartest, coolest mum..but she is the best i can ever ask for! =) i dun love her nagging for sure but i know those nagging made me who i am today! =) my mum loves me more than i can ask for..she doesnt cook but she buys the most delicious food for me!! what more can i ask for?? LOVE YOU MUMMY!

this is my daddy!!

this is us in hong kong!!

my daddy may b very quiet but his actions show how much he loves me..he texts me once in a while and when im home..he buys me all my favorites!! kuih ciap, durian, mango, crab and soooo much more!! he loves me a lot i know.... =) LOVE YOU DADDY!!

my awesome parents!!

dear Lord,
i thank u for my parents..
at times i might not be thankful for them..i am very sorry..
they may not be perfect as individuals..
but they are perfect mum n dad to me and my kor!! =)
i pray that u will bless them with good health and longevity..
i pray that they will b happy all the time
and i pray that i will respect and love them all my life!

love this family picture!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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