Sunday, June 17, 2012

Buen Apetito en La Gomera

thanks to Groupon, i bought a good deal to have a Spanish meal.. =) it was gonna be at La Gomera...its at Damansara area..

here it is..very cosy restaurant..
dim lights and yummy food!
*thumbs up*

look at all the chef preparing my meal..haha

spanish spice rice with mussels and seafood

side dishes - prawns, squid, lamb skew, chicken fillets

oops..a lil italian!
hello pasta!

 this is my favorite dish!!!!
can i have another one please! haha...

i had all these for RM32.90!! super worth it..thanks to this deal =) will b back some day!! BURPS...hehe..excuse me!

-thanks faithful listener-

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