Sunday, July 1, 2012

Safari World & Marine Park, Bangkok

its time to get closer to some animals!!! this is a very famous tourist spot in Bangkok.. =) Safari World and Marine Park is just next door...combination ticket is 900baht =)

here is the entrance to the Safari World

this is just next door!! =)

first i went to the safari..
no walking allowed..cause the animals roam freely!!! AHHH!!
camels, lions, tigers, bulls were near me!!! *freaking out*

in the marine park is full of animal shows...i was very amazed with the level of smartness the animals had..they could listen to instructions!! WOW!!!

orang utan boxing show!!
u can see some in bikinis and some in jerseys cheering!! hahaha!!

sea lion in action!!!
they are just too smart to be true!!
and i salute their balancing skills with the whiskers.. =)

dolphin show~!!!!!
my FAVORITE!!!!! i just love dolphinssssss!

 ahhh...look at the elegance!!
love the way they can save their drowning trainer..
super loyal and friendly! =)

crocodiles!!! eeeee!!
these are NOT friendly!! hahaha

love this cute bench =)

i had a really fun day..felt like a kid being excited over the tricks the animals did!! they were highly trained and professionals in the tricks they do!! =) APPLAUSE!

stay tune for more about pattaya, coral island!

-thanks faithful listener-

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