Friday, February 25, 2011


im soooo sorry...this post is like so late..been really really busy!! jus wanna share with u what has happened these few days..

durian season is back!!! yay!!!
om nom nom nom.......
now suffering with ulcers =(

wondering y the bomba is here wen there is no fire??
haha...those girls left their keys in their car..
and it locked them out..hahaha..farney!

he met an accident.. =(
thank God he is ok..only lots of bruises..

i met an accident too =(
im totally ok but my car light is not..huhu

mr buncit is new in the aquarium..
so cute but a lil shy..hehe

my best cooked meal so far..
carbonara spaghetti..yummy!

i spotted this..sooo beautiful..
its like behind very cloud there is a silver lining =)

now that im less busy..i will b updating more often..hehe =) stay tune peeps....

-thanks faithful listener-

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