Monday, February 28, 2011

Uniten Career Carnival 2011

the professional event of a month has finally ended. . . it was definitely very stressful or i should say pressurizing..i was dealing very closely with the marketing, events and web department..this whole process made me a better leader!! =) 

we had 4 different talks:
1. Groom Me
2. Take the Lead!
3. How to Ace Your Interview
4. Dine with Style

im so happy to be working with an awesome team. . .thanks Miss V, all the other dept heads, my managers - Joanne, Azeidah and Suraj and of course all my execs!!!

here are some pictures randomly from all the events. . . happy viewing!!!

during the preparation
- josh, anita, ME, wei ting -

dining with style!
thanks pan pacific klia. . .

many many lucky dips 
*big smiles for the winners*

registration duties. . .fun!

the fair itself

the amount of participants was amazing!!

good job guys!!!
was a pleasure working with u all. . . 
will drop by next year as a visitor! hehe

-thanks faithful listener-

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