Saturday, February 5, 2011


its the 2nd day of chinese new year..its time to get back to aunty's house..this year we did not have a very grand celebration because my eldest aunty is it was a simple lunch followed by the older ones chit chatting..after lunch..i had some rest (im not feeling very well)..den my brother asked me to go jalan-jalan.. =)

we chose kellies castle..Oooo!
this castle is said to b spooky..
the late kellie smith has been seen roaming around! ahh!

me n my brother..the castle is very english like..

there are some parts of the castle which are really run down
some has collapse during world war 2!

this part of the castle is well maintained! lovely!

we managed to walk up to the highest level..
love the view but it was very hot! *sweaty*

although it was a short trip..
but i had fun with my bro!! =)

after the hot and sweaty temperature i had to be guasa-ed..wondering wats guasa?? its a massage technique where ur back will b scratched with a unique shell..hmmm...and it leaves red marks for a day or two..this is said to b able to release heat from ur body..traditional way i guess =)

this is what i mean by guasa =P

im more relaxed now BUT my back hurts!!


-thanks faithful listener-

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