Wednesday, April 19, 2017

KL Tower Skybox

today is a public holiday!!! we decided to play tourist in KL..hehe..we slept til around ready and off we go!!! =)

time for our brunch
KyoChon 1991

we tried their spicy wings
seems to be the fav choice..

semangat hubby trying to do korean crossword puzzle..

lunch is here!!!!
food was yummy but kinda pricey.. =P

next stop was kl tower!
this is not our first time but we heard about skybox..
time to give it a try!

its was super windy at the open deck!

see the glass box there?
that's SkyBox!!!

queuing up waiting for our turn..
only 2-3 person allowed each session..yay!
this means there will be no strangers photobombing our photos!

it definitely is thrill up here!

hello klcc!

the height is sooo cool!!!

this is my fav photo of us... *love*

next..we are off to visit the upside down house!

for more info on the here
prices below


-thanks faithful listener-

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